1. Go on a street art tour............... This is one of the best street art tours that I have been on. Costing $68, it was a bit pricey, however well worth it and the tour guide is fabulous. Constantly keeping everyone's concentration and engagement. The cost is to help struggling local artist and help develop their much loved street art. This tour is brilliant and thoroughly recommend!

2. People watch at Federation Square

Federation square in the perfect location and easy to get to for whiling away the hours and people watching. It is a the route of the free city train, so you get can there without spending any money. Below the square, a short walk away are plenty more bars and restaurants, if you want to go for a wonder after relaxing.

3. Chill out in the Royal Botanic Gardens

These Botanic Gardens are gorgeous and very relaxing. I take a book and blanket and relax under a tree. You can get audio tours from the main office and have a really good stomp around the beautiful grounds and lush greenery.

4. Watch the sunset from the beach

Down in St Kilda there is a beautiful beach and you can watch the most amazing sunsets from there. Enjoy the view and unwind on the beach after a day out in Melbourne, taking in the cities wonderful and charming charisma.

5. Party in St Kilda

Melbourne is famous for its nightlife and is not expensive. Everyone seems to be on good form and smiling faces all around, especially travelers. You can party until the early hours of the morning and not spend too much.
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