1. Stroll around in the Grunewald forest... This forest is simply stunning and especially in the summer. So take a blanket and a picnic with some yummy food and delicious food and have a lovely day there. Nice relaxing place to enjoy nature at its finest. It also has some amazing lakes that are gorgeous.

2. Have a day on museum island

This is a UNESCO area and within it you walk through a series of amazing structures and buildings. It is stunning!

3. Go into Berlin's Jewish history

Berlin's Jewish history is vast a their is lots of it from the Second World War. You can learn a lot here is you download a tour app or go on a tour. It is a fascinating area.

4. Check out the Berlin Wall

This wall was mostly demolished between June and November 1990, however it has been restored. It has a lot of history here too, so be sure to download a tour guide app and learn as you go! šŸ™‚

5. Check out the Bauhaus Museum

This is a fantastic museum, with lots of original pieces of Bauhas furniture and spaces, so if art and design is your thing, check it out!
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