1. Visit Hyde Park.... It is lovely to stroll around Hyde park. It is in the heart of London, yet really tranquil. In the summer months, you can take a blanket and picnic and relax on the grass in the sun. It is very romantic to. A perfect spot to treat yourself or that someone special to some nice chilled out time.

2. Visit West Minister

Westminister is very grand and breath taking. It is regarded as the political hub of London and home to the fascinating big Ben. Don't forget your camera when you visit here as there are some amazing photographs to be taken here.

3. Go to Camden town and market

Camden town and market is very unique and a must if you are in London. It is filled with goths and punks and fascinating people. You will find some amazing artworks here, that you will be able to take home with you. It is a lovely place to stroll around for a day or two and soak up the positive vibes.

4. Go on the London Eye

A trip on the iconic London eye is not only iconic, it also gives you an amazing view of London and all its gorgeous buildings. A trip to London is not complete without going on it šŸ™‚

5. Check out Soho

Soho is known as the sex city of London. With may sex shops and gay /lesbian bars, this city ooooozes sex! It is great to go for a drink and be around a lot of smilling faces.
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