1. visit Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Arcade…………… If you like shopping you will like this arcade. There is loads of cool shops to chose from. Also if you food there are loads of food shops to try Japanese from. You will feel very among the Japanese culture here, and you get a real taste of how they live walking up and down this arcade.

2. Sight seeing at JR Osaka Station

This is a really futuristic station when you enter Osaka and it is amazing! You really enter with a bang when you get of the train. A large shopping arcade covers the whole station. Don't forget your camera, this is a really cool station.

3. Visit The Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

Here you can visit an excellent museum and all the changes that has happened in Osaka throughout the last 400 years. It is a stunning museums and a must see.

4. Visit Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is a lovely Japanese castle and full of culture. You will be able to take loads of nice picture of this castle, so don't forget your camera.

5. Go see Osaka Lights

This is a must! Truly amazing and they make an amazing picture! Ot is also an amazing place to find and taste local foods!
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