1. Visit Diocletian’s Palace.............. This is the city’s center and boasts out of this world architecture and atmosphere. There’s nothing else like it in Europe: It’s very well preserved and there is a surprise of more gorgeous architectures around every corner. It is UNESCO listed and you are able to walk along real Roman streets to cut through the complex. There are lots of cafes and restaurants, you can sit outside and watch the world go by..

2. Learn about historic Split

Download a Split tour or go on a real one with a tour guide and learn all about this beautiful city’s history. There is no better way to do this than by walking around. You will find yourself a few hours later, full of knowledge and tired. So sit down in one of the many restaurants for a drink and refresh yourself.

3. Walk up Marjan Hill

You can easily walk up this hill that is next to the city. There is many walking paths on the top and the views are amazing. From one side you get an amazing view over Split and the other side you get an amazing view over the sea and islands.

4. Get the bus to Krka National Park

This park is an hour from Split, however it is well worth the journey. It is a large natural pool and the colour is a magnificent turquoise. You can also see 17 other gorgeous waterfalls here. You can also bath in them making the perfect vacation selfie spot.

5.Visit St. Duje’s Cathedral

This is one of the most entachanting buildings in Splits old town. It is a gorgeous Cathedral and well worth a visit.
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