1. Rome is a gorgeous city with lots to do and see. It is one of the oldest cities in the world. The history of Rome spans over 2500 years and was the center of politics. You can spend weeks here, sipping on gorgeous wine, eating lovely food, admiring the architecture. When you are in Rome, you get a real sense of the passion of the city. It is beautiful with beautiful people.

2. Visit Saint Peter Square

Saint Peter Square is where is Vatican is and is a must see if you are in Rome . It is truly stunning and gorgeous and makes for amazing pictures.

3. Go to St. Peter’s Basilica

This building is gorgeous and especially at night. It makes for fantastic photographs too!

4. Visit the Sistine Chapel

You have to make sure you are wearing clothing the covers your shoulders otherwise you will not be allowed in. The ceiling is amazing and you could spend all day gazing up at it and admiring the amazing artworks.

5. Visit the Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums are breath taking. The architecture will simply take your breath away. It is a must see if you are in Rome.
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