1. Visit the Grand Place........... Maybe the most jaw dropping in Ghent is the Gravensteen. It is a 12th Century castle built for the count of Flanders and is truly beautiful. It has been restored inside and outside, and the interior make it look amazingly grand. If you want to experience what the magnificent castle was like many years ago, there is usually a costume drama room, so you can see what they were wearing and the interior items they were using. Its a beautiful castle and a must see if you are in Ghent.

2. Walk through the Patershol

Patershol is where things can get a bit tangled for non-locals due to the quarter’s medieval street pattern. It is fun though getting lost as you do not know what you may find. You get to choose from sauntering past lovely 16th-century houses, artist ateliers, gorgeous sweet shops and chocolate factories. It is lots of fun!

3. Taste Gentse “neuzekes”

The best way to taste Ghent’s signature sweets, the cuberdon or “neuzeke,” is to walk to the sweet carts placed on the Groentenmarkt. There is usually two charming wagons with a pile of cone-shaped, purple candies for you to purchase and indulge. Enjoy!

4. Graffiti by ROA and other amazing street artists

Famous artist ROA got his start in his home town of Ghent, and some of his rabbits are still there and have survived, for viewers to enjoy. There are a lots more in Ghent too. The grain pits at Dok Noord and the street wall underneath the highway at the Keizersviaduct are both great places to view amazing street art.

5. Kouter flower market

If you like flowers, Kouter flower market is a must. This held on Sundays and the last Sunday of every month, people enjoying the weekend’s last day with oysters and champagne.
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