1. Visit the Grand Place........... The Grand Palace is minutes away on foot from the train station. It is hidden away, however, when you find it, it is breath taking. You are guaranteed to be left feeling amazed. In the middle of the Grand Place is the beautiful 15th Century city hall and all around the square you will also be in ore of the six guild halls and their amazing architecture. The square is a must if you are visiting Brussels.

2. Visit Brussel’s Notre Dame Du Sablon

This is a gorgeous building and began life in the 14th Century when it was used as a church by the Archer’s Guild. It has a famous stature, of the Madonna which is supposed to have healing powers. The statue was supposedly stolen. The real location of the statue is unknown, but there is a replacement statue in the middle of the building.

3. Admire Le Botanique

Le Botanique was originally was the botanical gardens of Brussels and still attracts a lots of visitors and tourists. The Greenhouse that dates back to the 19th century now act also as a theater, housing a lot of performing arts. However, the greenery still surrounds the building and is beautiful to walk around.

4. Enjoy the Aqua Park

Cains Aqua Park is lots of fun! Imagine a gigantic, inflatable, bouncy water park for adults, this is it! And in the middle of the tropics. It is a short drive from Cains.

5. See the Palais Royal

The royal family of Belgium now live at Laeken, the Royal Palace in Brussels still stands as their official residence. You can enter the palace in the summer as it is open to tourists. The most stunning room in the palace has a ceiling covered in the wings of beetles. It form an amazing and breathtaking beautiful mosaic effect. The interior of this palace is jaw dropping beautiful and grand!
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