1. Walk the Sydney Harbor bridge and around the Opera House...........You can take a nice still along the path way of Sydney Harbor Bridge and take in the heights and views. If you want to experience an adrenaline rush and have no fear of heights, you can walk over it, whist harnessed in. This does cost a bit of money, however the experience is exceptional. I would recommend doing it at sunset. You start at one end in the day time and walk up and over and when you finish it is night. A very fun and exciting experience. Also take a nice relaxing stroll around the Opera House. This building is unique and its outstanding architecture is simply breath taking.

2. Go for a walk from Bondi to Coogee

This beautiful walk is picturesque and stunning. It made me feel like I could keep walking for days. The fresh air and the sound of the sea was refreshing and delightful. It is by far one of the best walks around the coastline for sure. In the spring time, check out the sculpture by the sea. Lots of artist transform the beach into an art inspiring playground.

3. Relax out in the Botanic Gardens

Gorgeous and relaxing gardens by the bridge. Perfect location to sit and unwind for a day and soak up the view. Also a perfect location for a picture with the Sydney bridge and opera house in the background. These gardens are beautiful and free. They are very well maintained and you can be sure to find a perfect relaxing spot among the beautiful nature all around.

4. Watch wales from a light house.

Up north of Sydney is a gorgeous lighthouse with amazing views. The Barrenjoey Lighthouse is a 20 minute walk from Palm Beach. Bear in mind that it is an uphill walk, so go slow to make it enjoyable and easy. During the winter months (May to October) the are passing pods of migrating whales. So take a picnic up there and relax for a day and you may get lucky and see some.

5. Check out sea creatures on shelly beach

Spend some time on this beach and explore, you will be sure to find some sea creatures. Don't forget your swimming goggle or snorkeling gear to get up close to them. Take a blanket and a picnic with your and have a lovely few hours on the beach, building sand castles , snorkeling and relaxing.
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