1. Have a wonder around Prague Castle…………… This is a gorgeous castle, and walking around it is simply magical. It is one of the largest castles in the world and defiantly one of the beautiful ones. Try and be there for the changing of the guards as it makes for lovely pictures and an extra experience. It occurs noon daily, local time. Have fun!

2. Visit the John Lennon Wall

Prague is easily one of our favorite cities in Europe and every time we return we find more and more things to do in Prague. We’ve visited Prague in both summer & winter seasons and it’s safe to say there isn’t a bad time to visit Prague. Every time we return to Prague this is what we do, our favorite things to do in Prague.


The John Lennon wall is good for taking a selfie . It is a great and interesting wall, with lots of inspiring graffiti on it. And lots lyrics from the great Beatles songs, it is lovely reading them. It is always changing, so when ever you visit it will be different 🙂

3. Go on a beer tour

The Czech beers are really tasty and one of the funnest ways of checking out Prague is by joining a Prague Beer Tour. The local guide will bring you to best microbreweries and amazing bars. They are really fun and can get a 3 hour UNLIMITED beer tour in Prague even with some food to soak up on the alcohol.

4.Go up the hall tower and see an amazing view of the old town

One of the best view of Prague old town is up the hall tower. It is truely beautiful and worth a visit.

5. Check out the Astronomical Clock

This is the worlds oldest Astronomical Clock and is truly stunning. 5-10 minutes above you will get a good spot and a good picture. Enjoy!
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