1. It an amazing country for chilling out The people in Laos are very relaxed. You may see shop keepers asleep from time to time. The country is very fertile and green, so no one is hungry and they are content with harvesting their crops once a year. It is by far the most most relaxed, chilled country in Europe.

Amazing Sunsets

The sunsets are unreal and spectacular. The clear, crisp air makes for amazing sunsets in Laos.

The Food is delicious

The food in Laos is my favorites, besides Vietnam food. The larb and sticky rice is one of my favorite dishes of all time. I simply love it!

Lots of gorgeous waterfalls to see

The high rain fall gives the country a stunning landscape with high mountains and lots of natural waterfalls. They are truly stunning and a must see.

The landscape is really green

It is a really green country and you can hire bikes and ride into the country side. The locals are very friendly and everyone loves smiling and saying hi. Enjoy the feeling of being very welcomed.

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