1. Visit Kandawgyi Lake Kandawgyi Lake is a gorgeous lake that you can spend a couple of day there. It is really pretty and tranquil. If you go early in the morning you can see the sunrise on the lake and watch local fishermen fish the traditional way.

2. Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda is truly golden and gorgeous. It makes for amazing pictures, so don't forget your camera.

3. Motorcycle Around Mandalay

Motorcycling around Mandalay is super fun! The motorcycles are electric, so are not scary to ride and less dangerous as they go really slow.

4. Biking Through Bagan

You can rent a bike a ride through Bagan which is truly gorgeous! If you go early in the morning you can miss the extreme heat in the day.

5. Ngapali Beach

The beach on the east coast is gorgeous and not many tourists there. So if you want to relax, go there.

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