1. Visit Musée Rodin.... This is Musée Rodin studio and one of the best sculptures studios in the world. It is an amazing museum with over 6,000 of Rodin's sculptures with lots of masterpieces. The grounds are stunning, with fountains and beautiful trees and flowers. It is lovely for a day walking around and adoring the masterpieces and grounds.

2. Visit Luxembourg Gardens

Nothing expresses Paris like the Luxembourg Gardens. They are simply stunning! They are amazing to go to and take a picnic and relax and take in the amazing atmosphere.

3. Go to Ile Saint-Louis

Just behind the Notre-Dame gardens is the Ile Saint-Louis. It is a beautiful bridge and very photogenic. On a still day the river is gorgeous and reflects like a mirror, so do not forget your camera.

4. Go to The Louvre

Nothing says Paris like The Louvre. It holds some AMAZING artworks by very famous artists. Including the infamous Lisa Mona. It really is a must to see if you are in Paris. Enjoy!

5. Check out the Notre-Dame

The Notre-Dame is beautiful. It is the the symbolic heart of Paris and is a must see if you are in Paris. It makes for brilliant photographs around 3pm midday, with the sun casting amazing shadows on it. It is a stunning but of architecture.
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