1. The Isle of Man is my birth place and its a wonderful place to hike, enjoy the view and unwind in nature. One of the shortest but most rewarding hike is around Peel Castle. The views are stunning and you may even get to see seals. In the summer time the sea can appear turquoise and you can have hours of fun on the beaches. There are lots of icecream shops in the area too! Also you can visit the kippers factory and sample some of the local delicacies.

2. Visit the Calf of Man

The calf of man is simply stunning and has a little cafe there that you can relax in and enjoy a nice hot drink. You can see many seals here and their calves. The scenery and atmosphere is very tranquil, so don't forget your camera.

3. Go to the fairy bridge and say hi to the faries

It is an Isle of Man tradition, every time we pass the fairy bridge we say hi fairies. It is a small little bridge where the faeries live and you will find lots of notes to them on the trees. A lovely little sport to explore.

4. Go on the steam train

The steam train down to the south of the island is a brilliant day out. You can get to see many gorgeous views from the train. Bring some snack so you can enjoy the views whilst eating some nice food. When you get off the steam train in Port Eirn, you can relax on the beach and enjoy the views and lovely atmosphere.

5. Go on the electric train up Snaefell

If you like electric trains and views this is a must! It is a brilliant day out. Jump on the train in Douglas and go up the only mountain on the island, called Snaefell. On a clear day you can see, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. It is truly magical and has a little cafe on the top for refreshment drinks and snacks.
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