How Do I Afford To Travel?

Some people think I am a webcam girl or have a rich man funding my travels. It is funny when I get asked the question, once I even said yes for a laugh but soon admitted I was joking and that I work in online marketing, so I can work from anywhere around the world.

I have often find that it is cheaper to travel than it is to stay in my home country. And learning to live with less, is not only mind freeing, it also generates more money to spend on travel and experiences rather than possessions.

I try and generate as much passive income as possible. This type of income is mainly done by doing the work upfront then customers liking it and purchasing it, such as an e-book. I also use affiliate marketing and trading to generate passive income.

How do I make money if I am always travelling?

Affiliate marketing requires upfront work. This allows for you to travel and not have to worry about products and customers. I am hoping Footprints For Freedom will develop in the same way, with various revenue streams including consulting, affiliate programs, social and social media marketing.

If you are a hotel, brand or tourism board and interested in sharing the personal side of your destination, please email me at:

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Strategic Consulting

Finding your target market in the digital world can be daunting and difficult. I can offer consulting on branding and online marketing to help you find your niche market and deliver your brand in an authentic way that generates traffic, sales and business growth.

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Content Creation

Need someone to identify the best features of your destination or brand? I can portray and communicate your brand as an experience on this website and social pages. With lots of expertise in this field your brand will look very desirable!

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Mentoring & Support

I provide mentoring and support assisting you all the way through a project. Whether is is gaining financial freedom to blogging, I am here to help you achieve a life that you enjoy! I will help you learn the ropes and be the best version of you possible!

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