1.Tour the city walls…………… They are really impressive and is the main thing that qualified the city for the UNESCO listing. If you watch the Game of Thrones, you will see plenty of locations and you can even do a Game of Thrones Tour if you desire. These grand white limestone structures date back to the 600’s. Lots of history to be learnt about in Dubrovnik.

2. Walk around the Old Town

Sometimes these twisty streets feel like you are on a movie set because they are so beautiful. You will sure be to work up an appetite if you curiosity guide you down the streets. Every street, you will find something a little different. So go and get lost, adventure and enjoy.

3. Go on the cable car

The is a a cable car in Dubrovnik that will take you to the crest of Mount Srd. In 1969 the Croats built a cable car serving the summit and you can still use it until midnight during the hot summer months. It boast stunning views and lots of picture worthy moments.

4. Admire Dubrovnik Cathedral

Dubrovnik Cathedral is one of the city’s largest pieces of baroque architecture. It is truly stunning and for many reasons to pay this seat of the diocese a visi and to enjoy and see the interior’s artworks.

5. Gaze at Lovrijenac Fort

Lovrijenac Fort is a tall spur 40 metres above the sea, This is one of Dubrovnik’s notorious jaw dropping defensive installations. Download an Dubrovnik tour app and hear all about it, whist viewing the gigantic structure. Croatia
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