1.Walk around St. Stephens Square………… This square is where Hvar’s social world hang out. With many cafes and restaurants to choose from, you can sits, relax and watch the world go by whist among beautiful architecture. If you visit when it is not the busy, tourist season. It is very calm and tranquil and a very nice place to relax...

2. Visit Franciscan Monastery

This building is stunning inside and out and worth a visit. It homes exquisite works of high renaissance art. All painted by Palma Junior and Francesco Santacroce. They are magnificent and you really do feel you have stepped back in time when you visit this building.

Admire the Venetian Loggia and Clock Tower

This is a gorgeous bit of architecture. The stunning piece of renaissance architecture was once part of the Venetian governor’s palace. Don’t forget your camera as it makes for great pictures.

Visit Spanjola Fortress

If you walk upwards from Hvar Town’s main square, passing through the Porta di Datallo, you can ascend the steep stairway to this Venetian fortress.s. It is to walk up and in very good condition. The views on a clear day are amazing and the building itself is gorgeous. There is lots to explore. Enjoy!

Relax on Dubovica beach

Dubovica is a tranquil little cove and perfect for relaxing on. The sea is so clear it seems that the people and boats are suspended in the air. Truly beautiful!
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