Having been brought up on the Isle of Man I have always been surrounded by the sea and living in Bangkok for the past couple of months, I missed it, so booked a little island trip to Koh Chang and a fellow traveler friend Austin joined me.

It is 6 hours on the bus from Bangkok and a short ferry ride. Koh Chang is east of Cambodia and Chang in Thai, means elephants, and yes we saw elephants.

We hired a bike for 150 baht per day and was the perfect way to explore the island.

My impression of Koh Chang

The water is not crystal blue like some other Thai islands and felt a very alternative vibe to other Thai islands. We saw a lot of tourists that seemed to be in a daze, skinny and spotty from drugs. Lonely Beach was dirty with beer bottles, cigarette stumps and a friend said she saw a syringe on it. Our first night there was gun fire outside of our resort and the second night we saw a local Thai guy stab another local Thai. Also a lot of old tourist men with young Thai girls. It is always sad to see this side of the country as it is has some amazing and admirable qualities.

Aside from that, we did have a nice time there. We spent most of our days exploring the island on a motorbike, relaxing in a hammock outside our bungalow and visiting the jungle, with an amazing waterfall.

Visiting Klong Plu Waterfall

Koh Chang has lots of waterfalls, and we decided to visit Klong Plu. The walk to it is an adventure in itself, with mountainous terrain and a huge rain forest to climb through.

The waterfall falls into remit of the National Park and costs 200bt to visit. We thought it was money well spent and had lots of fun!

There is cliff edges and rocks to jump off if you are brave. The area was busy with tourists, so maybe going in the morning before they arrive maybe more relaxing.

We climbed right up to the waterfall, with the aid of ropes and jungle steps.

Watching the sunset on Kai Bae

The views on Kai Bae are beautiful and it is clean. Watching the sunset from this lovely beach is delightful. We wrote in the sand and kissed as the sun went down, truly romantic.

Klong Proa is also a nice beach to admire the sunset and relax on. We sat for most of a day here, in a restaurant on the beach which is shaded by trees, and stroked the gorgeous dogs that are about.

Where we stayed

We stayed in a lovely airbnb called Eden Village and someday’s we simply relaxed in the hammock outside the front door and watched the world go past. Pure bliss.

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