Some great tips on booking accommodation:

Accommodation is a big overall cost of a holiday or travel and reducing that provide luxury or more money to spend on things that you enjoy! have and reducing that cost can lead to big savings!

We all have different accommodation tastes, from luxury hotels to camping but one thing all people have in common is that we do not want to pay over the odds for it. A great to make a holiday or lifestyle more affordable is cutting down on the accommodation costs. Because you have to sleep somewhere every night, cutting this cost down can reduce the overall cost significantly. Next thing to do is find a cheap flight too. Finding relatively cheaper accommodation will have the most impact on your budget.

You can do this by:

1. Check Airbnb
This method is my favorite and puts you in communications with homeowners or are renting out the accommodation. You will get top luxury here and pay far less that a hotel room. If you are in a large group, I would suggest renting out a house on Airbnb rather that pay for multiple hotel rooms. The places that I have stayed have sometimes been far better than a hotel as they have a kitchen and dinning area. Also a great trick is check out the monthly price, owners usually offer a big discount 40% or more if you want to rent their accommodation for a month. I have rented a condo with 60% discount, so for what was worth $1000, I paid $400. It’s one of my favorite sites to use for finding accommodation!

2. Plan ahead and book in advance
There will always be places to sleep, however if you want secure, clean and nice places, do not wait till last minute to book. Don’t try to book a hotel in Liverpool in the summer holidays on a weekend a day before, if you want something good for value and good. Plan ahead.

3. Consider house sitting
If you’re sleeping at a destination longer than a month or two, consider looking after a persons house and pets whilst they are away. I know people that travel the world and have never paid for accommodation because they house sit. Accommodation and availability will vary, but again just prepare and plan.

4. Check out the location before you book
The lower cost accommodation is usually on the outskirts of a city. However, you are going to spend extra on transport and waste time getting into the city and back. I done this a few time, paid for a cheaper hotel out of town and had to pay a lot of money on transport to get in and out of the city center. Also, the complications of getting transport in a foreign country. A better use of time and money, would have been, staying in the center and being able to simply walk to the attractions. Don’t make the same mistake. Always check how far the accommodation is from the center before you book.

5. Earn points and miles to redeem free hotel rooms.
Like earning air miles to get free flights, you can also earn point to get free hotel rooms. Agodo is a great site to use for this. A few hundred on a hotel room can be spend on things you are going to remember like experiences and entertainment.

6. Don’t pay full price for a hotel room.
If hotels and quirky B&B’s are your thing, you don’t have to pay full price. Priceline, Hotwire, and the app Hotel Tonight have really good deep discounted rates at brand name hotels. They are excellent at saving you a few quid.

7. Decide on the type of accommodation you desire
I always get asked, where did I stay? However it really does depend on my trip and what I want to get out of it. If it is friends and company, I would stay in a hostel. If it were relaxing, I’s stay in a spa hotel. If you are taking a weekend trip or traveling with a group of people, don’t fix your accommodation. You can always change it up and check out the different types of accommodation. Stay in an Airbnb, lavish yourself yourself and get a nice luxury spa hotel. The best place to stay in the place that you desire at that time and you feel comfortable with.



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