Alaska : Denali National Park

Wow, Alaska!!! This is one of my favourite topic! Feel like I never get enough with it!

Have you ever heard about Denali National Park? It is the heart of the Alaska range.

The interesting thing about the Alaskan Range, is that the completely different climate between the north and south side. The south side has moisture, transitional maritime continental climates with cooler summer and warmer winters. But the north has drier climate and huge temperature fluctuations to the north.


Denali lies in the north of the Alaska. At middle elevations you can find tundra. And at the highest elevations, lies glaciers, rock, and snow.

It has extraordinary variety of wildlife, more than any other in the United States. You named it, grizzly bears, black bears, caribou, dall sheep, moose, golden eagle, gray wolf, beavers, and so on. The park is also well known for its bird population and fresh ten species of fish including trout, salmon, and arctic grayling.

Denali park rangers maintain a constant effort to “keep the wildlife wild” by limiting the interaction between humans and park animals. We cannot feed the animals, as it is strictly forbidden and may cause adverse affects on the feeding habits of the creature. But you still can view animals from safe distances.

Besides wildlife, you can also find over 450 species of flowering plants fill the park, and can be viewed in bloom throughout summer. Goldenrod, fireweed, lupine, bluebell, and gentian filling the valleys of Denali and are often used on postcards and in artwork.

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