My impressions of Kunming

Kunming is a clean and nice city in contrast to other big cities. The air is very clean and it has spring like weather all year round. This is why it is named the 'City of Eternal Spring'. Kunming is my starting point for my 2 week China trip and have a short amount of time to explore Kunming but my impressions of the city are very nice and positive!

Haigeng Park along the Tien Lake If you like birds you will like Haigen Park as it has masses of black headed gulls that fly from Siberia after November to escape the harsh Siberian winter. It is beautiful to witness the harmony between human being and the birds, as they fly in circles around looking for food from humans. The lake has a gorgeous backdrop of the west hill, making it a lovely place to visit if you are in Kunming.

Kunming Stone Forest

We took a local bus to the stone forest and it was quite far and not very convenient. It is lovely walking through the stones and admiring the natural stone masterpieces. They are are very unique and very steep, creating a natural labyrinthine to walk through and be amazed.


You can find food anywhere in Kunming, from Chinese local noodle soups to BBQ seafood and meats. If you like dumplings you will love the dumplings in China, freshly made and Chinese food places are very generous on their portion sizes.

Relaxing by the river

The Sab river that flows through the middle of Kunming is very relaxing and tranquil to stroll along, escaping the city buzz. You will find locals playing cards and board games and hollow oval structures on the footpath next to the river where you can relax and take a minute for yourself. The river also makes for some lovely photographs, so don't forget your camera.


The city has many transport methods, such as taxi, metro, bike, bus or scooter. You will find many people offering lifts on the back of scooters for a small fee. All of the scooters in Kunming are electric, so they go a lot slower but are more safe that petrol scooters. You can ride around all the top tourist locations for a day on the tourist bus, which is the pick one.

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