The beautiful old town has been listed as UNESCO Heritage Site. Their culture is the Dongba Culture of Naxi (Nakhi) people and I am a huge fan. My impressions are very humble, kind and nice people. Their custom is the ethnic custom of the Mosuo people. This custom is referred to as China’s ‘last matrimonial society’. It is widely referred to as the ‘Kingdom of Women’. Lijiang city means ‘City of Bridges’ and apparently has 354 bridges, that weave through the beautiful old town making it look very pretty. Willow trees hang over the streams with the sounds of bell jangles and horses clopping over the cobble stones make it a very idyllic place. Just like any beautiful city, there are many tourists, so if you are wanting photographs or an experience with just locals, visit just after sunrise and watch the city come to life.

Lijiang is full of beautiful flowers and greenery. If you prefer a more local atmosphere, visit market set up on the the southern entrance. You can buy anything here, from roosters to human teeth. Local farmers come to sell their products here, probably harvested fresh from their fields that morning. Farmers sell from the backs of their trucks and fishermen from plastic buckets. Market stalls sell everything, from hats to dried chilies. It is a very vibrant and colorful place to explore.

I will let the pictures below talk for themselves.

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