I love dumplings and they certainly have some of the best in China. We found a place in Lijiang called, Jiao Zi Guan, south of the old town, that has some of the freshest and tastiest dumpling that I have ever tasted. They make them infront of you and then steam them too. We ended up ordering two lots as they were simply divine and only 8 CYN for a basket full. I will let the pictures talk for themselves.

We also came across a local restaurant called Lijiang BQ, also south of the old town. All of their dishes are approximately 20-30 CYN. The owners soon became our friends and we had a couple of nights here, talking and conversing with them through a translate app. Their food is really tasty and you get to fry some of it in front of you until your desired crispness. It is a fun and cool Lijiang dinning experience. Again, I will let the pictures talk for themselves below.

The street vendors also do a nice selection of local Chinese food for when you are on the go, however these maybe a bit greasy for a foreign pallet. My favorite was the dumplings for 7CYN for a bowl full off.

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