I adored travelling around Belgium, from Brussels to Ghent, there is always some amazing architecture to admire and gaze at. The train is the best form of connection from one city to another and is lovely to admire all the country side or buildings, whilst passing by.


I spent most of my time in Brussels, eating and drinking. I stayed very close to the The Grand Place in Brussels, so had lots of time to walk around it and take it all in. Walking around the city feels amazing. It is a relatively small city, so you are able to see it all in 24 hours if you wish to so.


Gehnt is a very charming City and has lots of shops, restaurants and unique museums to explore. The Belfry of Ghent at 360 panoramic views over Gehnt and you don’t even have to climb any stairs and it has an elevator!

Graslei and Korenlei are the streets you can walk along either side of the beautiful river, soaking up the atmosphere and the cities architecture. A boat trip is a great way to see the city and explore it from the river.

If you like shopping, The Korenmarkt is your place. It is the third largest shopping mall in Europe!

Gehnt is only 30 minutes from Brussels and well worth the trip. The Medieval Architecture is some of the best preserved I have seen in the world.


I completely fell in love with Bruges. Every corner I turned was a different and another amazing place and completely different to the last. I found myself walking around all day, getting lost and finding new, gorgeous places. The city is also very idyllic an perfect for taking pictures, so don’t forget your camera.

The houses look like they are made out of gingerbread and their diets consists of beer and chocolate, so if you like this combination, Bruges is the city for you.

The train from Brussles to Bruges is one hour and from Ghent it is 30 minutes, so it is easy and simple to get to.

Things to do in Bruges

– Museums: Bruges is full of them, so if you like history, you will love visiting Bruges museums.

– Canal tour: This is a perfect way to explore the city and take lovely pictures from a boat driving around Bruges on the never ending canals.

Rozenhoedkaai: The view from this bridge is amazing and one of the most photographed views in the world. So if you like taking pictures, make sure to visit this spot.

Grote Markt: Is a square in the middle of Bruges and everything else spiral out from it. It is beautiful and great to soak up the atmosphere and architecture from.

If you would like any more information or having questions, please simply comment below and I will get back you you ASAP.

Happy Travels!

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