1. Visit Bamboo Island………..A few days in Baboo island is very recommended. It is easy to get to from Sihanoukville via a boat. It roughly about 30 minutes away and you will find approximately 30 people on the island. On the North face of the island there is a bungalow resort with a restaurant and bars. Or you can stay in tents. The island is a true relaxing place of tranquility.

2. Take in the Golden Lions Roundabout

This is a place you may go just for laughs, not only at the statue, also what is going on around the roundabout. You may see some funny happening, like some guys sitting on top of chairs piled high on the back of a truck. It can be a place to take in the laid back culture.

3. Sit in a beach bar and admIre the view

The beach bars are magical along the front. There is one that is my favourite, ‘Friends Forever’. You can sit there all day admiring the view, playing pool and having banter with kinds trying to sell you bracelets. The food is cheap and the beer even more so.

4. Have a lovely swim in the sea

The sea is gorgeous here and warm! It is crystal clear and lovely to swim in. You can even have a cocktail in your hand whilst you are sipping away with your toes in the ocean. Truly beautiful!

5. Watch a sunset on the beach

The sunsets here are the best on the world. The sky's go really orange and red and they are truly stunning. Contrasted with the whiteness of the sand, they make for amazing pictures.
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