1. Visit the legendary Anchor Wat.............This goes without saying as I do not think a single person would visit Siem Reap without visiting Anchor Wat. Anchor Wat is best visited very early in the morning for sunrise, however it is also the busiest. If you want to get away from the tourists, you can see it by a helicopter ride from above.

2. Go up in a hot air balloon

Maybe one of the best magical experience you can come across in South East Asia. Compared to the helicopter it is slower, more peaceful and a lot more tranquil. You can get some magnificent photographs, so don’t forget your camera.

3. Go on an off roading experience

If you want to discover some of the temples that have been forgotten about and go into the Cambodian jungle. You can easily hire a jeep and discover temples like Beng Melea. You can also visit the largest floating village in Cambodia, Kampong Kleang. Truly stunning and beautiful.

4. Visit Angkor National Park

As mentioned before, Angkor Wat is a must see, however Angkor Park hold so many more things to see too. You will find all kinds of temples, from the Tomb Raider temples to 400 other magnificent temples. So much to see!

5. Eat insects

Cambodia is well known for eating insects. You will find them everywhere, even in soups. So, get involved a indulge in some at dinner. You can also find many street vendors, selling them on the road side.
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