Borneo certainly entices the imagination to think of deep, lush green rain forests and tropical, colorful wilderness. The word itself, creates magical dreamy images of undiscovered tribes and orangutans swinging from branches to branch in gigantic jungle trees and vines. Personally I adored traveling around Borneo and
I did not disappoint. I found it very easy on a bus from South to North and even passing through Brunei on the way. There are lots of night buses if you are wanting to save days or money. They do get very cold though from the air conditioning being on full blast, so be sure to have extra layers to hand. Borneo has one of the largest richest rainforests. Borneo is also the third largest island in the world and is split up into three countries, each giving the island its own twist to it.

Sarawak is where I begun my Borneo adventure, and is not a very touristy place. Kutching is where I flew into and stayed for three nights and saw my first ever Orangutan. From there I traveled up to Sabah stopping at places such as Miri, where we did lots of jungle and cave trekking. You have to take a short flight to and very worth while!

Here are a few pictures of my Borneo trip. If you want to ask me any questions, please do so in the comments below!

Happy Travels!

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