Having met some wonderful friends in Bangkok we decided to take a road trip to Khao Chakan and camp over night.

It was a leisurely 4 hour drive to the Thai border and well worth it. We picked up some beer from 7/11 on the way and set up camp in a farm by a river when we got there.

We sat around a fire, telling stories, laughing and drinking beer. Making me remember the quote: “the simple things in life are the most extraordinary”.

My impression of Khao Chakan

This part of rural Thailand has a lot of smiling faces and people seem to be very happy and relaxed. There is lots of farm land here and people are growing / selling a large variety of natural products. Being able to pick mango’s of the trees and also coconuts and drink the juice was one of my many highlights.

Visiting Khao Chakan Temple

The drive to the temple is stunning with amazing tall rock mountains that suddenly appear from the ground. They are truly breath taking when driving past, so don’t forget your camera.

You will be greeted by many monkeys when you arrive. Driving or walking through them is quite an adventure!

When you arrive at the temple there are lots of stairs to the top. This makes for beautiful photographs. There are not a lot of tourists here, so it is a nice and relaxing place and you can soak up the tranquil atmosphere.

At the top of the stairs there is a beautiful view and many golden Buddhas. It is a really stunning temple and place and I recommend going if you are in the area.

I will let the pictures talk for themselves. Enjoy!

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