Up until the winter of 2016, I had consistently lived by a series of identities that had limited me my entire life. That is, until the world came into my life like a knight in shining Armour.

After graduating for a MSc in 2007, I dived straight into business and set up an online marketing company, only to soon realise that chasing invoices was not my forte. I then opened an online lingerie shop, Juicy Lingerie. The orders soon started coming in thick and fast and I’d work around the clock to get orders out in time. My products were popular and in demand and I even started selling on the high street. I was in the process of hiring staff, when I had a light bulb moment, ‘all my money is in lingerie, soon to be in staff wages too and should be in my bank for me to enjoy’. With that thought, I decided to change my focus to affiliate marketing, as it would give me freedom to enjoy life.

With my then fiance I was able to travel and we did! First by trekking the Himalayas, then exploring Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. Enjoying new cultures, food, people and experiences along the way!

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When I returned home in 2014, I helped out in an Isle of Man TT shop. I loved speaking and engaging with customers, making their time in the shop fun and enjoyable. We had ques out of the door! I was approached by the director to work in the head office as a Marketing Manager with a salary I could not refuse and I said yes!

I rented a beautiful cottage, with gorgeous views, amazing neighbors and decorated it stunningly. Turning it into my own little sanctuary.

Me and my fiance had a roller coaster relationship. In 2015 we split up for seven months only to rekindle and decide to try for a baby and have a family of our own.

January 2016, we discovered we were pregnant. The joy and comfort was amazing. I truly loved every minute, from looking at new baby friendly homes to deciding names. I felt so complete and secure. However, challenging times lay ahead:

10 weeks into my pregnancy my mum was airlifted to a specialist hospital in Liverpool with a heart attack (luckily she survived to tell the tale). 11 weeks into my pregnancy and shorty after telling my employers that I was pregnant, I was made redundant. 12 weeks into my pregnancy, it was time for our first baby scan. With great anticipation, looking at the scan monitor my heart soon sank……… I could not see a baby. We were then told he/she had died.

My fiance left during the induced miscarriage in hospital and returned to his Alps holiday, which he flew in from. After minimal communication via text, I felt our paths once again separate.

With the upset of being made redundant, illness of my mum, loss of baby and split with partner, I realised I needed to refocus and decided to let the world be my oyster.

Once again I turned to the world

This time I wasn’t waiting for anyone to join me. I packed my bags, made itineraries and headed to tour Vietnam, Malaysia, Borneo and Bali for 10 weeks. Finished off by meeting friends for a girls holiday in Majorca.

I returned home and worked on affiliate marketing for the summer. Then I finished the lease on my cottage, sold my furniture and moved all my personal belongings to my dads. With lots of excitement I booked some flights to the Philippines and Japan.

A year on I’m in Bangkok, enjoying the sunshine, food, culture and working on Footprints For Freedom. A website that I hope to place all of my knowledge and inspire others to live an enjoyable life with freedom. Even if you enjoy being settled at home with a family but want time and financial freedom. I can show you how to work from home, how to find cheap holidays and how to say ‘YES’ to new adventures and experiences.

travel blog

Through Footprints For Freedom, I share my life as a fully self-expressed and independent woman with the hope that I may inspire others. You are never too old, too busy, or too down to pause what you’re doing and take some time for yourself and enjoy life!

May the world be your oyster too!

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