Cameron Highlands is quite different from the rest of Malaysia. This is why it maybe perfect for your Malaysian adventure. If you visit, you will have a diverse experience of Malaysia for sure! It is very lush with greenery and vegetation. Perfect for landscape photography.

My impressions of Cameron Highlands

The air is crisp with winding roads and has lots of fun things to do. It is also a lot cooler than the low lands of Malaysia, which I found to be very refreshing and nice.

I had two full days in Cameron and thought it was plenty of time, unless you would like to do lots of trekking. There are a lot of tours that you can do , however I felt that you could skip a lot of places they take you too.

Cameron Highland Must sees

1. BOH tea plantation

BOH tea plantation is out of this world. Its scenery is gorgeous and it has a gorgeous cafe with an amazing view of the plantation. The cakes in this cafe are deliciously tasty.

2. Mt. Brinchang

This is the highest peak in Malaysia and has stunning views over the tea plantations and sometimes above the clouds. There is a paved road leading up to the peak, so it easy to access by car unless you would like to walk up and down. If you would like to hike, I would advise to start early in the morning.

3. The Mossy Forest

The mossy forest also has an amazing view point overlooking the luscious greenery below. It has a platform that you can walk alongside the forest high up in the trees on. It is also a very damp forest, so the trees have lots of moss and fungi growing on it. The walkway takes you deep in this bizarre and fascinating jungle.

4. Trekking Trails

There are lots of trails that you can trek whilst in Cameron. I would advise to talk to the receptionist on which one would work best for you when you are there. They range from beginners level to advanced trekkers level, so you will be able to find one that is just right for you.

I am truly happy that I was recommended Cameron Highlands and went. It is a gorgeous place, just like the pictures and video below show:

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