Kapas island is situated on the east cost of Malaysia off the coast of Marang in the Terengganu state. You can either travel to Terengganu via bus or flight then get a Grab or bus to Merang pier and pay 30 RM for a boat return ticket to Kapas island.

My impression of Kapas island.

Kapas is one of Malaysia's best kept secrets. On the boat from Marang I was taking lots of pictures, once I put my camera down, I was gob smacked at its white sands, blue sea and picturesque beauty.

We got of the boat and were greeted by some very friendly locals that helped us with our luggage. We chose to stay in a tent, just off the deserted beach and was only 15 RM per night.

After getting settled we headed for something to eat in one of the islands very few restaurants and was a gorgeous meal with fresh barracuda, which only cost 15 RM including a big bottle of water.

The next day I woke up at the crack of dawn and walked to the North of the island and found five other beautiful secluded beaches. There are very few families and backpackers on the island but they all seem to be chilling out, reading books or playing on their phones in hammocks or laying on the beach. Chilling out and forgetting about times and plans, is very much the order of the day in Kapas.

I personally adored Kapas and everything it has to offer. After a couple of days I craved society again but the time I was there, I felt truly relaxed and peaceful. There are lots of mosquitoes and ants on the island and even with insect repellent on, they still bit me. So make sure you take plenty.

Where to Stay

You can either camp, stay in dorm or a resort. The camping is good if you like camping. We stayed in LoGsha Camsite and it was fine and added to the adventure. Waking up and walking straight to the sea for a dip is heavenly. Captain Long House has dorms if you prefer to sleep indoors and there are a few resorts on the island too if private rooms are your thing. Kapas is very rustic and under developed, so you will probably come in contact with insects and it is humid, making everything including sheets seem damp. It added to the experience for me and I loved the feeling of being on a kind of deserted island.


If you like snorkeling, Kapas is your island and in the mornings and evenings, you may be so lucky to see reef sharks and turtles. You can bring your own snorkel gear or rent it of the place you stay at for about 10 RM per day.

Where to eat

There are a couple of restaurants on the island and in my opinion not too pricey. You can also eat at the resorts too if you desire.

Kapas Island Café near to the jetty does really nice food, especially the burgers too!

There are a couple of snack shops on the island too, however they are relatively pricey. So we stocked up on supplies on the mainland before going to Kapas.

I loved Kapas and would recommend a visit. I will let the pictures below talk for themselves and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below:

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