Everything you need to know about booking flights:

There are thousands of amazing airline deal to be had every single day. They sometime mistakenly publish the wrongs fares and other time they reduce the airline fare incredibly in order to gain more publicity. Low cost airline fare out always out there, you just need to know where to find them.

1. Don’t believe the myths

There are hundreds of myths about finding low priced flight tickets. However there is no data to prove that they are cheaper on some days or when you book them. There is no hidden secrets.

2. Be flexible with your flight dates

Flights prices differ according to what dates you would like to fly. It all depends on holidays and time of year. If you book a flight when everyone as also booked flights, the cost will be higher because the demand is higher. So, if you want to visit Spain, go in the spring or fall when then kids are not off school and families are not on holidays because the prices will be cheaper.

It’s cheaper to fly mid week rather than the weekends because many people are off work at the weekends and book flights for then. Also after a major holiday, prices of flights are relatively low. And late night or early morning flights are also low in price as less people want to travel at this time.

3. Be flexible with your flight locations

If you can not be flexible with your travel dates, you should be flexible with the location that you would like to travel to., as this will save you money. It is better to be flexible with both, however you should always do at least one. Airline search engines have made it really easy to check out the prices are millions of flights and compare by prices, times and location. When you are locked into a certain time and place, you will have to pay the fixed prices. However when you free your dates and location up, the whole world opens up and you can receive amazing low cost flight tickets.

4. Fly with low cost airlines

Low cost airlines let you bounce around the world with little amount of money. You can fly between Asia and Europe for as little as $200. You can bounce around Europe using Ryanair or Easyjet and receive flights as little as $10. WOW air also have some amazing low cost tickets. If you want to bounce around Asia, Air Asia provided some very low cost flight tickets and their planes are really clean and hassle free. To find low cost flight tickets, I use Skyscanner, as it is quick and simple.

5. Have stop overs

Sometime is is cheaper to fly from London to Bangkok and have a day in Dubai. This way to, you will have an extra experience of seeing a new country. I had to fly from London to Bangkok once and there was a 12 hour stop over in Moscow. I loved it as I got to see a bit of Moscow too! For a direct flight it would have cost me $700 however this one cost me $420, saving me $380. Was well worth it!

6. Take advantage of amazing student discounts

If you are under 26 there are many discounted airfare tickets that you can buy. I used STA travel when I was a student and they are really good at helping and finding cheap flights.

7. Search for a flight as a single person

Search for a flight as one person and if there are more of you simply pay individual not as a group. Airlines tend to group seats next to each other for group bookings and base the price on the highest priced ticket.. One seat may cost $200, and the seat next to that is $300, and the seat next to that is $400, the airline will calculate $400 * 3, not add up the seat prices individually. So it is always best to search as an individual for flight prices rather than a group. At the checkout process, you can allocate your group to sit next to each other. This will save you money.

8. Book your flights in advance

The airline fare generally will keep on rising, however there is a point where the airline may drop its prices to create demand. Don’t wait till last minute to book your flights otherwise the prices will be at their highest. Book around 6 – 8 weeks before your flight will ensure you get a good price.


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