We hiked up a partial way of Jade Mountain. Even though we thoroughly enjoyed the experience, in retrospect we should have used the transport provided in order to see more because you can not camp on the Mountain not stay over night.

We got a taxi from Lijiang to Jade Mountain, which took 35 minutes. Lijiang itself has an amazing view of the mountain which is 4800 meters high. One of the best views in China.

The Mountain its self as a high price to enter but well worth it. Before the actual mountain, you can view lots of beautiful natural rivers and waterfalls. They are truly picturesque!

Once you get past the gorgeous valley area, you then have to get a bus to the cable cars. There is no other option. The cable cars take you to the peak which is simply stunning. A small tip, buy oxygen, you will need it. And don’t forget your camera, Jade garden is simply stunning and makes for amazing photographs.

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