The bus up to the start of the Langtang valley was one of the most craziest bus rides I have ever experienced. Peering out of the window was an insane drop into a layer of clouds miles below us. The bus terminated at the town of Dhunche, where we started are accent from.

The bus departs from Kathmandu and is easy to buy a ticket and jump on at the main bus station. Following the river upstream, we started to trek form Shyapru Besi (1400m). It took us 5 days to get to Kyanjin Gompa (3750m) then another 2 days for our decent. We decided to travel up Langtang unguided and we were happy we did, as we got the tea house nights stays for free as long as we at dinner and breakfast there. The trail is very well signed and graveled and is OK to trek solo if you desire.

I loved the way the vegetation was green and alive with the sound of creatures at the beginning of the trek, and as you start to climb higher, the surroundings become grey and white with little noise of animals. I had never felt so small as I did on our final day acceding. The Himalayas are huge and breath taking. No pictures can prepare you for what you feel when you are there. They are truly jaw dropping.

If you have any questions about treking the Lantang Valley, please comment below. I am more than happy to help.

Happy Travels!

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