All you need to know about travel insurance:


Travel insurance is one of the most important things you need to purchase before your trip. You never know what can happen when you are travelling, so to have it, is VERY important. Not only does it cover medical expenses it also cover stuff that you take on your trip with you. So, it is not only there encase you need a doctor, it covers valuables.

  • It covers your medical bills, in case you get get sick when abroad.
  • If covers if you need to be airlifted out of somewhere.
  • It covers in case of an emergency you need to be flown home.
  • It cover all your electronics, in case one break, you can get them replaced.
  • It covers you in case you have some unforseem circumstance and have to cancel the trip.
  • It covers all your items in case any get stolen.
  • It is VERY affordable and gives you lots of piece of mind.
  • It is easily bought online
  • Everyone should get it as it can save you thousands.

It is not expensive and for those extra few quid you are insured in case anything goes wrong. It is a very smart move to buy it before you leave your home country. I was in Bali and paid $2.50 for the hospital saving my life as I had sever dengue. That was for the excess, if I didn’t have insurance it would have been thousands. It sure made my time in hospital better knowing I was covered for what ever they had to do and give me to get me better. Insurance, really is a must 🙂