What is Location Freedom?

Location Freedom, is being able live anywhere around the world. Living in the digital era, it is now very easy to do this and become a digital nomad and work in any city of your choosing.

What is a digital nomad?

When you think about the term, ‘digital nomad’, it sounds a bit hip, a little bit pretentous and bit like it sounds completely made up and means nothing. It is like calling yourself a Jedi. However, it does mean something as we have now embraced the ‘digital nomad’ age.

I mean, when you think about it it sounds a bit… cool, but also a little wankery and a bit like it doesn’t mean anything at all. It’s like calling yourself a space ranger or something.

But it really does mean something. We used to avoid using it but we changed our minds and have totally embraced the “digital nomad” phrase now. We are now able to work from anywhere in the world and the freedom to work whichever hours we please. This is the kind of lifestyle myself and digital nomads live.

Digital nomads are widely misunderstood. We are simply people that see how we can take advantage of technology to create freedoms that better and enrich our lives. This is where the ‘digital’ part in ‘digital nomads’ comes in.

With the freedom to work anywhere in the world, most digital nomads choose to be location independent.

If you didn’t have to be tied to one location, why would you travel around and see the world? Digital nomads usually work from home, coffee shops, co-working spaces, hotel rooms etc. All we need is a laptop and good wifi connection and good coffee 😉

What type of jobs do digital nomads do?

In today’s world there are lots of jobs that a digital nomad can do, from freelance writers, graphic designers, software developers, web designers or virtual assistants.

There are also other options too. It all depends on what you like doing. However if you are looking for job security, you can work remotely for a company. You can also make money from affiliate marketing and blogging.

How Do I make Money?

Affiliate Marketing

I mostly use white-label websites for my affiliate marketing. This is where the site is produced by a company and I re-brand it, to make it appear like mine. Once a customer converts into a sale, I will receive commission. Affiliate marketing is great method to use to generate passive income.

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I research trends and investments, then decide what stock I am going to invest in and include into my investment portfolio. I tend to stick to cryptocurrency, even though it is volatile, I invest for the long term not the short. Checking my portfolio monthly, maximizes free time.

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Consulting & Mentoring

I provide mentoring and consulting. Whether it is marketing, design, content creation, I can assist! Offering consulting on branding and online marketing, helping companies find niche markets and deliver brands in an authentic way to generates traffic, sales and business growth.

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