Travelling can be very strenuous, not only on your body but also mind, as you are always on alert and in foreign surroundings.

When I have been travelling for a while and hopping from place to place, I always slow it down. I love visiting new places, however if done too quickly I find that I do not enjoy it has much. I always try a treat myself to some luxury and rewind.

A list of luxury treats:

Get your nails done professionally
No matter where you are in the world, there is bound to be a nail salon or someone who can do them for you. Treat yourself and get them done, you will feel so much better once done. I tend to go for shelac nails, as you do not have to redo them for 3 weeks! Perfect whist traveling.

Get you hair done
Even if you you haven’t got the budget to get a full head of colour, treat yourself to braid or a cut. When someone is pampering you, you feel so much better and cared for.

Buy some new clothes
Most girls love shopping, so if you do head to the local shops and buy something for your self. If you do not need anything, buy something for some loved ones and post it home, if you do not want to carry it with you. Retail therapy works wonders and makes you feel fantastic.

Treat yourself to some amazing food
This is one of my all time favorite things to do. Go into a restaurant and treat yourself to some delicious food. It doesn’t have to be fancy, if you love cake, simply head to a cake shop and treat yourself.

Book yourself into a luxury hotel with a gorgeous pool for swimming
After a few days in a luxury hotel, you will be feeling on top of the world. I love doing this and you do not have to spend a fortune. Simply go to Airbnb and see what they have to offer, you sometimes find that apartments and hotels are in the same building and you can get an apartment in a 5 * hotel and use their facilities for the fraction of the price.

Koh Samui, was one of my recent splurges. It was heavenly and had many lovely peaceful swims!

If you would like any more information or having questions, please simply comment below and I will get back you you ASAP.

Happy Travels!

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