“I’m sad and miserable and no one wants to be around a miserable person”

Is what I told myself

After letting my mind and body deal with some unpleasant events in my life, I was still suffering longer than was necessary.

During this time, I learned something I’ve never forgotten.

I control my thoughts.

My thoughts dictate my emotions.

My emotions create my habits.

My habits form my life.

What I think to myself EVERYDAY will control the happiness in my life.

The only thing I wanted at that time was to stop feeling bad.

So I cut out the things in my life that made me feel negatively.

I stopped:

-Cut down on going out and drinking alcohol

-Hanging out with friends who lived the lifestyle I was trying to escape

-Watching sports, Netflix, and TV.

I started:

-Beginning everyday by priming.

-Learning incessantly about things that I was faintly interested in.

-Paying close attention to what I said to myself.

-Providing value to people through things I loved.

Doing these things everyday changed how I talked to myself.

“I’m loved and blessed. I can learn any skill I want. What kind of life do I want to create?”

My decisions from that day until now created the life around me now.

I decided to buy a flight ticket to Vietnam and travel around south east Asia .

I learned that I loved photography.

I learned how to take photos.

I learned how to create value for brands doing something I loved.

Now, I’m a world traveler, doing the things that I love.

traveling the world

and making money whilst traveling even in my sleep.

I still:
– prime everyday.

-cut down on alcohol

-pay close attention to my self-talk

-learn incessantly.

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.

In two years, I went from being unhappy.

– traveling to 10 new countries,
-finding my passion in life
-and creating value for people doing something I love.

If your life happiness where it should be, start by asking yourself:

“What do I say to myself everyday?”

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