Loloata Island in Papua, Great Diving Site and More!

Are you the one who likes more challenges and adventure to your holiday? Whether you are new or experience diver, let’s take a little closer on this diving site.

Papua New Guinea, situated near north of Australia, could be say one of the most spectacular and beautiful tropical countries, and one of the world’s top diving destination. Beside having the largest rain forest area (outside Amazon) with vast varieties of unique flora and fauna, Papua also has extraordinary rich marine life. Through all the several hundreds offshore island, one worth looking will be the Bootless Bay.

Bootless Bay is just 22 km east of Port Moresby (the capital of Papua New Guinea), on the south coast of Papua for exact. It is famous for its rich marine diversity, and visited regularly by botanist, marine biologist, and others who has special interest in flora, fauna, and rare marine species around Papua New Guinea. It has three small islands : Lion Island (uninhabited), Motupore, and Loloata. One of the best possible access to the rich dive environments of Bootless Bay is through Loloata Island.

Some of the finest dive sites are on the barrier reef beyond Bootless Bay. It has tidal currents which instead make great supply of food that support a very good fish population. There is a series of bommies on the reef edge which called Pumpkin Patch. Some are joined with ridges, others separated by deep gullies. You should take a look around before jumping into the water delightfully, since Bryde’s Whales have sometimes passed by this area. Under the water, you can find Pygmy Seahorses, black coral shrimps, Long-nosed Hawkfish, Merlett’s (Rhynopias) Scorpionfish, Ornate Ghost Pipefish, these are only a very small fraction of marine treasures that can be found here.


Other water activities besides diving also can be found here, such as snorkeling, kayaking, wind surfing, water skiing, and line fishing. You can have a brisk walk or stroll along the beach and foreshore on the early morning or late afternoon, as the best time to say. Local Sightseeing tours can also be arranged to explore further about the island.

Besides famous for its diving site, Papua New Guinea also has vast biological diversity of the flora and fauna. All the recognised species of “Birds of Paradise” are represented here, and even more, other species of bird life in combination with the unique marsupial, mammal, insect, etc.

With so much diversity of culture, choice of scenery, flora and fauna, for sure Papua New Guinea offers so much as a travel destination. Cultural performances, Tropical Beachside Hotels, Mountain treks, spectacular scenery, unequalled scuba diving, bird watching, you name it. From the highest mountain peaks to the bottom of it’s oceans, you can enjoy all outdoor nature in great delight.

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