If you haven’t considered this before, try to look at it as a game for all family members. This is not something that to be decided by the parents alone, but moreover involving the whole family in preparing everything! So grab some tips to make your family trip one of the most unforgettable moments in your life… and in your kids’ memory too!

1. Contact your Local Travel Agent
See if they have special discount for kids, or special family packages that will save you a lot. Find out whether they are expert and reliable in dealing with kids necessities during the trip. For sure, travel with kids will be a lot more difference than guiding all adult groups. Find out some suitable choices for family trip to be presented in family discussion

2. Seek reference and/or recommendation from other satisfied travelers
This could be your most reliable guide in finding out the best place and best travel agent to meet your need.

3. Plan well in advance, involving all of the family members
Even the 3 or 4 years old can join in choosing the place they want to go! Let them look at the pictures in the brochures you got from your local travel agent, surf the web to get more information.

4. Learn more about your destination
After deciding where to go and what kind of trip would be (whether it is leisure trip, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, etc), seek more advance information about your destination. Make this as an opportunity to learn while enjoying the trip. Find books about the history, what is the uniqueness of the places, the different cultures that they will meet, the range of birds and plants and butterflies that can be found in the area, everything that could add excitement as well as brain for the whole family.

5. Prepare the stamina
The last thing you want to be in, is to find out that you have to cancel the trip because any of your kids or other family member get sick and cannot join the travel. So start living the healthy life right now! Eat better food, exercise more (family exercise would be fun too!), sleep better. Make sure you prepare everyone’s stamina for this trip.

6. Prepare the Documents needed
If you plan to have family trip overseas, you have to prepare the official documents months ahead. Contact the destinate nations’ embassy to find out more.
Set aside one special bag for this travel, stuffed with important documents and copies of your identity cards, passport, kids’ documents, tickets, etc.

7. Prepare your Luggage
Check with your chosen travel agent and/or local hotel where you would stay, what the condition of the area would be. This would determine what kind of gear and clothing that you must bring along. If you go to beach area, don’t forget the sun-block lotion, swimsuits, and other swimming apparels. If you plan to stay in rather humid and warm area, your short pants and mosquito lotions would be necessary. Sweater, gloves and socks would be essential for winter and cold destination.

8. Other “MUST-HAVE” Things to prepare :
– Medication : if any family members is depended on some medication, don’t forget to put it aside in special bag, and bring extra would be great
– First Aid Kit : usual first aid kit, common medicine for common light health problem (such as dizziness, cold, cough)
– Travel insurance : check with your travel agent to get all of your family member insured during your trip

9. In case of …
– Delay : always be prepared with snacks and drinks, toys, games, and books, to anticipate delay time, or fill the blank spot time
– Emergency : be prepared with local emergency numbers : police, healthcare practitioners, ambulance, fire engine, your travel agent representatives in respective country, your bank’s agent, etc


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