When we plan a holiday, we should have come up with some budget to spend. But more often than ever, we could actually come across many unexpected costs that are not only upset us, but also drain the money away. Don’t let yourself being tuck away from your holiday excitement just because those unnecessary burden. When you plan ahead, chance are you would enjoy more and get more out of your holiday.

So the smart thing to do is to prepare in advance and look for ways to save money while, at the same time, enjoy more of your holiday trip.

8 money-saving tips:

1. Double check and confirm your departure time
This is to avoid unpredictable cancellation when you finally arrives at the airport/port. The last thing you want to hear is to find out that your flight has been cancelled after you excitedly leave your home in anticipation of how great your holiday will be. Also to avoid having to stay overnight at the airport in uncertainty.

2. Know recent luggage regulation and weigh your bag(s) at home
This is very important thing to remember, as many travelers don’t really pay much attention to new regulation. We want to avoid overweight charges and other unnecessary charges beforehand. You may want to redistribute your baggage with your travel companion and pack in more compact way to avoid having to pay $ 50 or more just because your excess 5 pounds.

3. Pack light & pack smart
You don’t have to bring everything yourself. Common travel items usually available at your hotel. Contact your reservation hotel to find out. Similarly, if in any case they do not provide, you should consider to bring the amenities from home. Find the compact travel package for your convenience.

4. Find discount and coupons at your destination attraction in advance
Many local attraction offer discount and coupons if you are willing to spend some time find out through the web. You can start from this blog, where I will try to regularly inform of any coupons and discounts available for your trip.

5. Request extra nights/services.
If you’re staying quite long (eg.5 nights) in the same hotel, Basically, whenever possible, the hotel would be willing to do anything to offer high hospitality to their loyal customer. You better talk to the manager/sales/marketing agent before you arrive, instead of the reservation agent. Especially during low season, they would be more than happy to consider giving you extra spa treatment, complimentary night-stay, dinner for two, or some similar things.

6. Discover the ‘hidden fees’ by the airlines and hotel
Some airlines don’t provide food during the flight, and might even charge you for headphones. Better bring your own entertainment and maybe a little snack (and water) in case you have to wait for long hour delay or having to go through long journey. Food purchase at the airport could be double in price than the usual.

7. Bring your own internet connection
This is true for PDA user / business travelers. While some hotels still offer free internet connection, many would charge you quite expensive for the service.

8. Prepare a detail map and learn to read it precisely
You might not consider it important. But especially if you are not using a tour guide service, preparing a detail map of the city will save your time and money and avoid being lost somewhere.

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