Vietnam is one of my favorite countries that I have visited so far. I absolutely loved it! There is lots to do and even if you exhaust them all, you can simply walk the streets, looking at amazing scenery, shops and sampling lots of tasty food. There is always something new to see or do in Hanoi.

Things to do in Hanoi

Visit the Old Quarter

The Old quarter is stunningly beautiful. Most hotels are there, so that is most likely where you will be staying. Simply drop your bags off and explore. Everything in Hanoi is really cheap. Although haggling is name of the game, so haggle, have fun and always smile!

Stroll along Hoan Kiem Lake

This lake is beautiful and lovely to walk around. It is in the center of Hanoi’s night life, to you will always be sure to find something to do around this area. Ngoc Son Temple, an 18th century Buddhist temple that sits in the middle of the lake and is illuminated beautifully, so don’t forget your camera.

You may find a lot of Vietnamese like to practice their English on tourists. Its the perfect was to get to know locals and help them out at the dame time.

The Vietnamese coffee is AMAZING! So, don’t forget to jump into a coffee shop and try it out for yourself.

Eat Everything

The food in Vietnam is amazing, from the soups to the spring rolls. And there is food everywhere you turn and so many different foods to try.

I love to eat when I travel and try out all the local dishes and Vietnam did not disappoint. As a rule of thumb, I always tend to eat from busy places because if the locals like it and eat there, the food is usually delicious and good.

Get lost

One of the most enjoyable things I love to do in vibrant places is get lost on purpose and Hanoi was no exception. Around every corner there was something new and interesting. When I would get tired I would jump in a cafe for a snack and coffee then be on my way again. If you decide to do this, allow plenty of time for your return journey home. I did not want to be out after dark, so set an alarm for 3pm mid day, so I had plenty of time to get back to my hotel.

Do a cooking class

There are lots of cooking classes you can do in Vietnam and if you like cooking, I highly recommend it as the food in Vietnam is delicious. I learnt how to cook spring rolls and the class was very informative and a nice way to break up the day.

Visit Ha Long Bay

Booking an overnight cruise on Ha Long Bay is definitely the best way to go in my opinion as you can fully relax and soak it all up. You will have a room on a large chunky boat, which is all inclusive of food and sometimes beer for approximately $10. The scenery in Ha Long Bay is beautiful, you can sit all day on deck and admire it. What ever the weather it is truly picturesque.

Sample all the different coffees you can

Vietnamese coffee is incredible and you usually get different types of coffee in different cities and cafe’s. One of my favorite things doing there, was getting a coffee in a morning, letting it take an effect, then going on a massive stroll around the city. Truly awesome experience.

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