What is Time Freedom?

Time freedom is the freedom to decide what you want to do with your valuable time. Those 24 hours in a whole day. They all belong to you and you can decide exactly what to do with them. You are the only one deciding and some decide for their bosses to dictate their time and others dictate their own.

Ultimate Time Freedom Allows You to:

– Rise and shine in the morning when ever your body desires. Without an alarm clock or a rush to get out of bed. Wake and have beautiful sex with your partner or roll over and back to sleep again.

– Decide how long you take over breakfast. If you want to have it indoors or go and relax in a coffee shop. Read a book or magazine for a couple of hours and truly relax into the day.

– Decide what happens next. Do some work and make money or go and have some fun. Even, go for a run or long work and say hi to passerby and enjoy the sun. The choice is yours. Have a late lunch or early one and go to bed early in the morning, if you desire. Whatever you want to do, the choice is truly yours.

My Life Improvements From Time Freedom:

Reclaiming my own time and doing what ever I desire, is one of the best feelings ever.

I decide every part of my day, from the moment I wake up to the second I go to sleep. If I work late at night, I do because I choose to.

I am free to make money when I feel like it. Relax when I want and go on great adventures also when I choose. I decide how much time I spend on anything that I choose.

With digital communication, it is possible for people to work form anywhere. Hopefully in the future we will all be mobile workers and not sat in offices.

Time > Money

Once you have time freedom, you start to realise that money is less valuable if you do not have the time to use and enjoy it. In reverse that time is less valuable if you don’t have money to have fun with.. Once time freedom is achieved, a person is free to pursue their dreams, no matter how badly it might pay at first.
You need to realise that time is worth so much more than money and possessions. Time is everything!