Some Top Travelling Tips:

I love to travel and do it as much as I can. These are some great tips that I have picked up through out my travels.

1. Be Patient

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Life is fun and far to short to be anyrgy. If something occurs, like you missed a train… Take the bus instead or wait for the next one, whilst indulging in some amazing local food. You can always create rememberal and great experience. Things don’t always go to plan, if you simply relax and make the best out of a bad situation, you will have lots more fun and fond memories.

2. Rise and shine early

Hit the attractions before the crowds do. Not only will it be more relaxing, your photographs will not be full of tourists. It is also a perfect time for photographing because of the sof light. It is also easier to interact with local at this time and places tend to be more safe in the morning. Honest and hardworking people wake early whilst crimnals and scammers sleep in.

3. Have a giggle at yourself

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Everyone messes up, it is only human. Its more fun when you can laugh at yourself.

One I walked into a structure knocking myself back and making my sunglasses fall off my head. I picked up my sunglasses and looked around in a daze to find a local guys smiling and wanting to laugh, when I started laughing, we both cracked up in giggle. Was a found and enjoyable moment and would have been another story if took the situation seriously.

4. Stash Extra Money Somewhere

Just encase of an emergency stash some cash somewhere. Cash is king around the world, so if your card gets lost, you can use your back up cash until your bank sends you a new card. Some of my favorite stash spots includes, socks, makeup bag, shoes and I have heard of some people sewing a patch / pocket inside of their bags.

5. Talk to Local People

Most locals are really friendly and enthusiastic to tell you about their culture and country. English is the common language throughout the world so many locals speak it too. If now downloads a traslate app and converse through it. It is a fun way to talk! Talk, talk, talk…. People enrich your travels more than sights do.

6. Pack a scarf

I love to travel with a light scarf that I can throw over myself on a long bus or train ride. It is great for lots of other things too, like sun protection, carrying stuff around in, make shift towel and lots more. It is one of my favorite pieces that I carry with me.

7. Take in the daily life

I love people watching, in airports and especially in new countries that I visit. I tent to opt for a coffee house or local restaurant that I can see many lots of locals doing their daily routines outside and I relax and try to take it in. I also love to get lost in new places, as you never know what or where you will find. If you do this by foot, just set your alarm for around 4pm, so you have plenty of time to figure out where you are and return to your abode before nightfall.

8. Back up everything

It is important not only to back up your photos but also a copy of your birth certificate, passport, drivers license, health insurance, serial numbers and phone numbers …. I use google drive to store my documents, however I am currently travelling around China and can not access them because China block google. So, it’s something to keep in mind.

9. Take loads of pics

Pictures are one of the best souvenirs. So don’t worry about looking like a tourist, no one cares. Take loads, they are great to show friends and family. They don’t take up any room in your luggage. Just remember once you have snapped away, put the camera away and enjoy the scenery and amience of your location.

10. There is always a way

Nothing in this world is impossible there is always a way if you put your mind to it. So don’t give up, you just have not thought of the correct solution or come across the right person yet.
Don’t be fooled into thinking you can not do it by anyone, you can! Prove them wrong. Persistence really does pay off.

11. Say hello and smile

Always have a smile on your face. Even if you are feeling under the weather, put a fake smile on your face and the reaction you receive in return will lift your spirit. Even better learn hello in the local language, and say it the locals who greet you. They will be honored you have taken time you learn their language and greet you even better. It is always good to learn thank you and goodbye in their language too. These three words will get you very far or treated more hospitably.

12. Treat yourself from time to time.

If you are feeling a but down or tired, the best way to pick yourself back up is indulge yourself. Buy yourself a nice present, if its a nice hotel room or some of your favorite aftershave or perfume. It will soon refresh your spirit.

13. Keep your mind open

Everyone lives differently and thinks different thoughts depending on the lives. So don’t be arrogant and think other people are wrong and your thoughts are right, take other people views on board. Nobodies thoughts or views in this world are wrong, we are all rights for our own reasons. It is nice to take other peoples views on-board and see things from a different perspective and learn.

14. Try couch surfing is a website with a large community of travelers who share their spare rooms with fellow travelers when they are passing through where they live. It is a great way to stay with local people. It is all based on recommendations, so you will get an idea about the person before staying there.

15. Volunteer Sometimes

Give up some of your free time to volunteer. Not only is this a great way to spend time and very rewarding, you will also learn a lot about a country. is a brilliant website that allows you to search for genuine volunteer projects worldwide.

16. Bring Ear plugs

This is a must. You will be so relieved if you stay in a noisy hostel or hotel and value your sleep. They also come in handy when you are travelling on night buses and trains. An eye blackout is also a good accessory and takes up minimal room.

17. Don’t be nervous and scared

The media portrays lots of doom and gloom. Only because this sells advertising. The world is not a scary places and is overwhelming, once you realize how beautiful the world and most people are. Most people are honest and genuine. They will always try and help you out.

I say ‘most’ people, so use your intuition /gut to guide you combined with your common sense and you will have an amazing time!

18. Indulge in local food

I always check out the local dishes before I visit a country and make sure to try them out. Eat street food. I always go to the street stall where there are many local people eating. That indicates that it is a good one.

19. Say yes lots

Be impulsive and say yes. Say yes you people inviting you on new experiences or ventures that you would have never thought of or participated in. This spices up yours travels and makes for the best stories afterwards.

Accept the kindness of strangers, you will receive lots of offers.

20. Take your time

If you try and cram in too much in a short spaces, like 4 countries in 2 weeks, you will run out of energy and get sick. Take your time and enjoy the country you are in. Spend more time in fewer places for maximum enjoyment. You will start to feel part of a community after a while and enjoy yourself a lot more.
Break out of your comfort zone

Try new things and especially the tings that usually give you anxiety. The more you do this the more the anxiety will disappear and you will become a natural. Not a biker? Go on more bike journey’s. You will overcome your fears and have an amazing time.

21. Do not plan too much

I always find my plans change, so I tent just to keep a rough idea, so I am not caged by plans. I was meant to be travelling to India, then met a great guy and decided to change it to China, so I could go with him. Due to having to get a visa for China from a Chinese embassy, I don’t think I would have visited China until a lot later in life. I am so happy I did it now, it is a beautiful country with lots to see.
Don’t pack to much

I keep my luggage very light and anything I need at the time, I can simply buy. I keep the essentials in my bag but do not carry luxury items.

22. Treat you body well

The most important thing in this world is your body, so if you treat it well, it will treat your well. Make sure you drink lots of water and try to do the most exercise as possible. Get enough sleep too and always take some time for yourself. Even if its indulging in a lovely book or podcast, make sure to have some ‘you’ time.

23. Stay in touch

Stay in touch with your friends and family. I mainly do this through Facebook messenger, as it is free and they are all on their. You will meet many people and form friendships, however they seem to be intense and short, so keeping relationships with your old / loyal family and friends is important.

24. Get off the beaten path

Don’t just stick to the touristy places. Once you get off the beaten path, you will experience the country in a different and unique light. It doesn’t always work out that you will have an amazing time, sometimes it can be stressful, so please research before.

25. Get Travel Insurance.

This is the most important purchase before you travel. No one ever thinks they will get sick, robbed or injured whist on holiday. However it does happen. I have contracted dengue fever and hospitalized for five days. My travel insurance took care of all the bills, payed for hotels after I left hospital and had an English doctor that I spoke to make sure I was through the worst of it.