To get to Taman Negra, you have to take a boat. It actually very comfortable and the views around you are unforgettable.

We started trekking through Taman Negra jungle at 8am to beast the midday sun. The trek is very well mantained and is easy for beginners.

Before you enter Taman Negara, you must pay an entrance fee of RM1 per person and a photograph permit of RM5 per device. Personally, I no problems paying as the National park trekking trails are very well maintained and is easy to trek to to this.

Items to take:

– Flash Light
– Insect Repellent
– Waterpoof coat
– Trainers or trekking boots

Taman Negara has no ATM’s so make sure you have cash with you. There are lots of leaches here, so make sure to brings long socks to cover your lower parts of your legs.

If you desire a guide you can get one from Wildlife Department. The roots are all decked and well signed, so we did no get one.

You may get to see gibbons and many crazy insects. A butterfly came and nested on my leg apparently drawn by the salt of my sweat. It was quite an experience.

I will let the pictures below talk for themselves and if you want any advice, please comment below and I will get back to you ASAP.

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