Trekking in India for Adventurous Souls

Have you ever tried Trekking Adventure? It is not only captivating, but we could also get deep insight into the beautiful locations presented.

Today let’s see Himalayan regions. Especially the part that is in India. The blossoming forests and wild life sanctuaries are the attractions of India.The tours in the Himalayan Range are awe inspiring. Mountaineering, river rafting, hiking, climbing and trekking are some of the stimulating and incredible adventure tours provided here.

Several trekking locations have become an important aspect of India tour packages, which was earlier famous for its wildlife, cultural, sports, sightseeing and shore excursion tours.

Some of the world craved trekking locations are as follows :

Sikkim Trekking
The snow clad mountains artistically envelope the pearl of India, called as Sikkim. Its energising locations, stunning peaks and lavishly adorned heritage, hardly needs an explanation.

Darjeeling trekking
You might have heard about Darjeeling Tea. But do you know that Darjeeling is also one of the most admired trekking destinations in West Bengal? its perfection in trekking lies in the abundance of flora and fauna, in addition to its stretched tea fields.

Ladakh Trekking
The Jammu and Kashmir Valley harbours this breathtakingly beautiful trekking location, which has evolved as a dream destination for over seas tourists. The Buddhist monasteries and high mountain peaks have added to its charm.

Trekking doesn’t need much hassle thing though, just by walking with the sticks, covering large distances on the rugged terrain, you will have adventurous trekking. Moreover, while doing this at your own path, trekkers can interact with the nature, the real life of the natives, in a rustic manner.

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