After jumping on a bus from Hikkaduwa to Unawatuna, which took roughly 1.5 hours and only cost 50 rupees. Be warned though, these buses are not for the faint hearted. The bus drivers drivers drive quite fast and are always over taking. It seems to work though and never heard of any bus crashes. Just make sure you hold on very tight.

There are many villas and hotels that you can stay in. I opted to stay at My Funks Hostel, and I am really glad I did. I was greeted by the owner with a big friendly smile and he gave me a welcome coconut drink, fresh from the garden and a Sri Lankan coffee, whilst I drank it in the cute chill out area in the garden, he told me about all the things I can do in Unawatuna. A truly amazing welcome to a new place. Furthermore they have the cutest adorable dog and do an amazing breakfast. One of the best breakfasts I have had in Sri Lanka, whilst homemade curried lentils and fresh Sri Lankian coffee (as pictured below).

What to do in Unawatuna

Cycle around

Franks Hostel has bikes that you can rent for 300 rupees per day. The area is lovely to cycle around, however a little scary on the main road for the not professional cyclist. Beach Road is lovely to cycle down with the choice of lots of restaurants to choice from if you fancy a drink or bite to eat on your adventure. Where Franks Hostel is situated is on a quite rural road, so you can easily take yourself off and explore the quiet surrounding area. Don’t forget to take your mobile and use if you get lost. Or simply ask a local for directions. The local that I asked, jumped on his moped and told me to follow him and directed me back to the hostel that way. As smile and happy face can work wonders šŸ™‚

Also the local dogs are gorgeous and kind. They get rather territorial at night but in the day, they just want to hang out and be your best friend.

Hire a moped

Hire a moped and go see the gorgeous beaches around such as Jungle beach. You may get pulled over by a police man, like we did but the one pictured below. He asked for our drivers licence, which we did not have, so he ordered us to pay him 5,000 rupees, then when we refused, he lowered it to 2,000. After telling him that we left the licence with the owner of the moped and much discussion, he let us go without paying anything. It made for a good story afterwards šŸ™‚

Fitness in Unawatuna

If you like fitness you can get surf lessons or hang out at a local gym for $10 per week. It is a great way to meet locals and have some in depth conversations about the country too and find out some hidden little gems.

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